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All Scheduled Daniel Bryan Appearances Cancelled Source:

While Daniel Bryan may be retired from wrestling, he was still scheduled to make several appearances for WWE in the coming weeks, including VIP sessions at WrestleMania Access, a live event at Madison Square Garden this weekend that was advertised as “Daniel Bryan Appreciation Night”, and appearances on WWE’s upcoming post-Mania tour of the UK.

Unfortunately, all of those appearances have been cancelled by WWE, who says that Bryan has asked for some extended time off. It’s understandable, Bryan just retired from his lifelong dream and might need some extra time to adapt to his new reality, but that won’t stop the speculation! So, what’s your wild theory? Is Brie pregnant? Is Bryan more hurt than originally thought? Is he still trying to get out of his contract so he can wrestle on the indies, concussions be damned? These are all actual theories we’ve seen on the Internet, by the way.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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