Ric Flair Thinks Charlotte Should Face Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania

You can’t blame a father for being proud of his daughter, especially when you’re talking about Ric Flair’s obvious pride in the accomplishments of his daughter Charlotte. That’s why we’re willing to cut him a little slack when pretty much every booking decision he thinks WWE should do, which he believes would be the greatest idea ever, revolves around her wrestling in a high-profile match. It’s even hard to argue that he’s wrong, since Charlotte has been the linchpin of the Women’s Division for all of 2016, and almost certainly deserves things like a huge WrestleMania match. In this case, Flair suggests that in the (unlikely) event that WWE actually manages to get Ronda Rousey to sign for even a single match at WrestleMania, the honor of fighting (and losing) to one of the most dominant women in MMA should go to Charlotte, a statement he made on the latest episode of his podcast (transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.com).

“I would love to see Charlotte, my daughter, against Ronda Rousey, which I think would be huge. I know she’ll be in a main event somewhere and I think they could make that work. But, as [co-host Conrad Thompson] and I both know, Ronda has to win this month or her credibility would be hard to sell, so I just know Charlotte will be in a main event somewhere.”

He’s probably right, actually, but we don’t see Rousey coming in unless her next UFC fight is complete disaster, which we’ll find out at UFC 207 on December 30th. In case you’re interested, Flair (and everyone else) assumes we’ll get Brock-Goldberg III at Mania, and thinks Shane McMahon vs Triple H would be a blow-away main event that everyone wants to see. You know, in case you were worried he’s not still crazy.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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